Create animated videos for your website in minutes.
Video Rascal, now powered by Sora AI, lets you create stunning animated videos for your website, boosting conversion rates and engaging visitors. Simply pick a template, integrate your script with Sora AI, record or select a Sora AI-enhanced voiceover, and choose your audio. Your high-quality video, powered by Sora AI's smart technology, is ready to enhance your site and social channels.
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Save Time and Money
With traditional tools and software, creating an animated video takes weeks and can cost thousands of dollars. With Video Rascal you can produce a video for less than $99 in just minutes.
Increase Sales. Guaranteed.
All templates are optimized to increase website conversion rates. We make it easy by providing example text so you know what to say and how to say it.
Instant Downloads
Once completed, your video is immediately ready for upload to your website and social channels.
A typical agency might charge you over $1,000 for a professionally produced video. With Video Rascal, powered by AI Video Prompts, you can create a professional video at just a fraction of the cost. So user-friendly, even your Grandma can master it in no time. All it takes is 10 minutes, thanks to our intuitive AI Video Prompts system!

Don't believe us? Try it out, risk free.
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